Wraith Hive Queen (II)

Wraith Hive Queen (II)
Played By: Andee Frizzell
Race: Wraith

A Hive Queen, she guided the hive to which Michael Kenmore was a part of. Hoping to learn the secrets of Atlantis and the Tau'ri, she using Michael made a deal with Atlantis where Atlantis would give them the cure for the Iratus bugs, turning the Wraith into humans whom they can feed on, and in return they would provide Atlantis with the Jamming codes preventing the Daedalus from transporting warheads onto the Wraith Hive Ships.

Atlantis agreed, however they along with Michael was unaware that the Hive queen had infected the file with a virus which along with the jamming codes, sent the Hive Queen the location of Earth and the Aurora mission reports. With the information in her hands, the Queen attacked the Daedalus and started on their way to Earth.

Unknown to the queen, Sheppard had managed to hitch a ride on the ship, and with the help of Michael who she had confined to his quarters, managed to destroy the ship killing the Wraith on board and the queen.

[edit] Key Episodes

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