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Planet(s): Wraith Homeworld 1

The Wraith are an advanced from of the Wraith Bug that have evolved over centuries after feeding on the humans. They evolved into human like creatures and soon started feeding on the life created by the Ancients. The Ancients fought back, and with their advanced technology, they managed to win every battle, however, due to the large number of Wraith, they could not win the War. The Ancients fled back to Atlantis, giving the Wraith free control over the Pegasus galaxy. Due to the enormous appetite shared by the Wraith, they did not have enough food to sustain every Wraith indefinitely. So the Wraith went to sleep with a few Caretakers watching over them, and culling planets to keep themselves alive. Due to their ability to regenerate, the Wraith are able to live for long periods of time, and even longer whilst asleep. However, when Sheppard managed to kill a Caretaker, all the Wraith awoke from their sleep. Hungry for humans, they started culling as many planets as they could. However, with far too many Wraith waking up, than which can be sustained, and this has caused the Wraith to separate even more than before.

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