Played By: Vince Corazza
Race: P6G-452 Inhabitants
Planets: P6G-452

A member of the Lucian Alliance, Worrel was responsible for the crop of Kassa on P6G-452 and distributed it to various planets. He was approached by Cameron Mitchell, as "Mr Shaft" who told Worrel that he wanted to buy Kassa, however Worrel got suspicious and his suspicions were confirmed when SG1 made a run for the gate. However, before they could get away, the gate disappeared.

Believing SG1 to have taken the gate, he had them captured and tortured for information. He held them for almost two days until Worrel was told by his superior office, Netan that it was not SG1 who had taken the gate, and to kill them, however before his men could carry out the orders, they were beamed aboard the Odyssey.

Angry at how he had them for two days and didn't kill them, Netan ordered Worrel to find the Stargate or the crop would go to waste. Finding the culprit Baal and his ship, they destroyed his ship.

[edit] Key Episodes

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