Played By: Dion Johnstone
Race: Experimental Hok'ta
Planets: P3X-367

A member of Elbrans race who were being experimented on by Nirrti to try and make them a Hok'ta, meaning super host. Wodan had telekinetic abilities, and had the ability to move things with his mind. When SG1 came to his homeworld, he made it clear to them that he would not let them harm Nirrti.

However, they tried shooting her and her Jaffa, but Wodan stopped him, and following Nirrti's instructions, locked them up. It wasn't until Eggar peaked into Nirrti's mind that they learnt the truth about Nirrti. Out of rage Wodan use his powers to kill Nirrti. His DNA was returned to normal by Eggar who had gotten how to use the ancient device.

[edit] Key Episodes

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