William Ronson

William Ronson
William ronson.jpg
Played By: John Novak
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Commander of the US ship Prometheus, on his first mission as the ships commander, Ronson took the crew of the Prometheus on a test run of the ship, and it's new naquadria powered engine. Unfortunately, when the Naquadia became unstable, Ronson made the decision to try and go to a nearby planet, which at one point had a Stargate, in the hopes of finding a way to return home.

Unfortunately, the short burst of power required to take the ship to the planet, Tagrea, overloaded the hyperdrive engines, forcing Ronson to eject the hyperdrive engine. Without a way home, and accompanied by SG1, Ronson found it hard to listen to the inhabitants of the planet who had instantly pointed weapons at the ship as a security measure. Fortunately, SG1 managed to convince them that their plans were anything but malicious securing their trust, and a way home.

After almost a year, with the Prometheus finally fixed, Colonel Ronson, along with Samantha Carter set off on the long trip back to Earth. Unfortunately, whilst in one of their cool-down spots, the ship was attacked and Colonel Ronson was forced to command the ship into a nearby gas cloud hoping to evade the enemies. Ronson soon ordered the evacuation of the crew, but the crew were quickly captured by the alien ship. Fortunately, Samantha Carter who had been knocked unconscious before the evacuation managed to negotiate for the release of the crew, who were returned, and made their way back to Earth.

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