Played By: Dion Johnstone, Alex Zahara
Race: Serrakins
Planets: Hebridan

A Serrakin, Warrick pilots the ship Serberus, which was initially a prison transport vessel. Whilst transporting prisoners, his ship crash landed on a planet, and he was forced to take out the prisoners from stasis. Whilst he and a few of his crew had gone to search for food, the prisoners managed to overcome those that were on the ship and take it.

Warrick and his lieutenant managed to stay out of harms way, trying to retake the ship, but didn't succeed. After three years, SG1 came to the planet on a mission, however, they mistook the Serrakins as the prisoners, and attempted to capture them. Warrick managed to stay clear of them, and SG1 eventually realised the truth and helped Warrick retake his ship, as well as helping him fix their engines.

Returning to his home world, Warrick had lost his wife, Athea who had gotten remarried. In an attempt to win her back, he joined with his brother in an attempt to with the 59th Loop of Kon Garat, where the winner gets a lucrative contract with the Tech Con Group. He enlisted the help of Samantha Carter, unfortunately the ship was sabotaged and they lost the race, however the winner, La'el Montrose invited Warrick to become her co-pilot under her new contract with Tech Con.

[edit] Key Episodes

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