Played By: Patrick Gallagher
Race: Taranisians
Planets: Taranis

A Taranisian citizen, living close to a previously inactive super-volcano. When the Volcano became active, he the rest of the Taranisian were to be departed through the Stargate to safety, however during a quake, the Stargate fell into the magma below.

They soon sent the Daedalus to evacuate the people, however Vonos felt that they weren't reliable and that if they went to the river they would be safe from the Volcano's effects. Carson Beckett, Teyla and Ronon Dex at first managed to keep him with them, where he would be safe, however, eventually, when they realised, that the Daedalus would not be back in time, Teyla asked that everyone go back to the newly found Aurora class warship, Orion. However, Vonos, was infuriated by the news, and wondered why they had not done that before, losing his patience.

Believing even more that they can not save them, Vonos led a couple of the villages to the river, a couple of days walk from where they were. By the time the Daedalus arrived, it was unable to sense the life signs of Vonos or those that went with him, and they were assumed to be killed by the planets toxic atmosphere.

[edit] Key Episodes

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