Played By: Jarvis George
Race: Sodan
Planets: Sodan Homeworld (P9G-844)

A Sodan warrior, when SG1 came to P9G-844, Volnek accompanied by a scouting party went to check on the trespassers. He uncloaked and attacked Mitchell, however Mitchell managed to get his Staff weapon and shoot him in the stomach, where his symbiote pouch was.

Believed to be killed by the other Sodan they captured Mitchell, and in the meantime, SG1 took Volnek back to the SGC to question him about the whereabouts of SG1. Unable to save his symbiote, Volnek was given Tretonin which managed to sustain him.

When SG1 realised that Volnek is a believer of the Orii, they brought in Tass'an who recently witnessed the Orii kill everyone on his planet Sartorus, however Volnek refused to believe him.

When Mitchell returned to the SGC with the help from Volnek's brother, Jolan, they released Volnek in the hopes that he would tell the others about the Orii and they would rebel against the Orii.

However, it wasn't until the Priors sent the Sodan on a mission to kill non-believers that Volnek and the other Sodan rejected the Orii as gods. When Volnek went to a neighbouring world to aquire supplies, he encountered a prior on the way back to the Stargate, who told him that the Sodan had committed unforgivable treason against the Orii, and vowed that a great ill would befall the Sodan planting his staff into the ground causing Volnek to faint.

Returning to the village Volnek told the others and prepared for battle, keeping watch of the Stargate. After many days Volnek fell ill, becoming irrational and incoherent. The Sodan tried to treat him, however his condition worsened, eventually braking the bonds that restrained him. He mercilessly started killing all the Sodan. He was stopped by Teal'c and Mitchell who managed to kill once and for all.

[edit] Key Episodes

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