Volian (P3A-194)

Volian (P3A-194)
Planet Information
Planet Address
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Volians

[edit] History

The planet was a peaceful place, and wasn't technologically advanced, but was in terms of technology similar to that of Earth in the 1930's. However, they came across a Race known as the Aschen who gave them a cure for disease, but eventually realised that the cure had a side effect, which caused infertility until the Volians died with no one else to carry on their race. The Aschen then used the planets for their own purpose, and turned the planet into a crop harvesting planet. When SG1 came to the planet they were amazed at the technology of the Aschen and hoped to find an ally, however, Daniel soon found that the Aschen weren't all that they seemed, and was able to stop the alliance which would have meant certain doom for Earth.

[edit] Key Episodes

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