Vis Uban

Vis Uban
Vis uban.jpg
Planet Information
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Vis Uban Inhabitants

[edit] History

Vis Uban, is the "City of the Lost", it was the last planet entered into the SGC dialling computer, when Jack got the ancient repository downloaded into his brain. Whilst trying to find the Lost City, Jonas incorrectly deciphered it to mean that the city is Vis Uban. When they got to the planet, they discovered, Daniel Jackson who had returned to his human form, however his memory was erased. After they got him to remember parts of his life, they used the planet as bait for Anubis so they could destroy the planet. The inhabitants of the planet, were evacuated and the trap set. However the trap did not go according to plan, and Jonas was captured.

[edit] Key Episodes

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