Planet Information
Galaxy: Milky Way

[edit] History

Velona was a planet of humans, who were threated by the Goa'uld. When the Goa'uld came, they had no way to defend themselves, and so "Orlin" an Ascended being, gave them the knowledge and helped them create technology with which they defeated the Goa'uld. However, when the others found out, they punished Orlin by killing the inhabitants of the planet, and banishing Orlin to the planet, where he would stay for eternity. When SG-1 came to the planet, Orlin fell in love with Samantha Carter, and tried to warn her not to use the weapon or the others would stop them. However, the SGC did not listen, and they ordered to go ahead and use the weapon. Orlin, who could not see another civilisation killed, took the plug of the weapon, however he died in the process. But the others gave him a second chance and he ascended once again, and he destroyed the weapon himself so noone could use it again.

[edit] Key Episodes

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