Played By: Joel Swetow
Race: Kelownans
Planets: Langara

First Minister of the Kelownan government, he oversaw the development and testing of the Naquadria bomb which he hoped to use against the Terrania and the Andarians who he believed posed a threat to the Kelownans.

In the hope of defeating them without such drastic action, Velis sent Ambassador Dreylock, Commander Hale and Dr. Kieran to Earth where they requested the help of the SGC. Velis invited Jonas and the rest of SG1 to their planet in the hopes that they would give him superior fire-power with which they can stop the other nations attacking them. However, the SGC refused to give them weapons.

When Anubis came to the planet, having learnt its location from Jonas's mind, he was executed by his forces.

[edit] Key Episodes

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