Vala Mal Doran

Vala Mal Doran
Vala Mal Doran.jpg
Played By: Claudia Black
Race: Unknown Race
Planets: P8X-412

[edit] Character Details

'Vala Mal Doran' is a human thief and former host of the Goa'uld, Qetesh. In 2005, she took over the Tau'ri ship, Prometheus, taking Daniel Jackson hostage. The ship was then attacked by the Goa'uld Baal, who forced Vala to abandon the ship.

In 2006, Vala came to Earth with a stolen tablet that she believed, would lead them to a buried treasure. As insurance, she clapped bracelets around herself and Daniel to bind them together, causing them to die if they were separated for any length of time. After decoding the tablet, Daniel and Vala were transported, in the bodies of two villagers, to a town controlled by the fanatical Ori. Vala was burned to death, but was resurrected by a Prior. Daniel and Vala were then both saved by Teal'c and Cameron Mitchell.

Later, Vala would appear to sacrifice herself to prevent the Ori coming through to the Milky Way galaxy, but in actuality she was transported to the Ori home galaxy, where she was nursed to health by Toman. She accompanied Tomin with the Ori fleet, and gave birth to the Orici, whom she named Adria. Daniel was able to rescue Vala, and she was later made a probationary member of Stargate Command. After being kidnapped by Athena and the Trust, she lost her memory, and became a waitress. The SGC was able to find Vala, and General Hank Landry appointed Vala to SG-1.

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