Played By: Pablo Coffey
Race: P8X-412 Inhabitants
Planets: P8X-412

An inhabitant of a mining colony on the far side of the Galaxy, when Vachna became sick, and immobile, Vachna became a great burden on his family, however when a Prior came through the gate, he cured him, and told him to spread the word of Origin.

Spreading the word of Origin, Vachna quickly accepted, however, he could not turn them all, as Azdak insisted that Qetesh is the real god and that she would one day return. The difference of believes caused a rift between the two, who quickly became enemies.

When Vala came to the planet, she revealed that Qetesh was not a god, and neither is she, proving Vachna's words, however she insisted that the Orii are not gods. Soon the Prior unleashed a plague on the planet, which soon enough effected Vachna. In the hopes to save him, Vala used a Goa'uld healing device to heal him. However this didn't cure him completely as the disease spread quickly through the village and back onto him.

Bending down, the village gave into Origin, and the Prior cured Vachna and the whole village, bringing those that were killed by the disease, back to life.

[edit] Key Episodes

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