Urgo's Planet

Urgo's Planet (P4X-884)
Urgos planet.jpg
Planet Information
Gemini Glyph.jpgSextans.jpgLeo m.jpgTaurus.jpgCra.jpgSerpens c.jpg
Planet Address
Galaxy: Milky Way

[edit] History

The planet and its people are technologically advanced, however are afraid of going to other planets. The Stargate is in a facility controlled by a human known as Togar who uses his technology to learn more about the outside world, from anyone that visits the planet. When SG-1 visited the planet, he implanted devices which would crave new experiences and learn about the other worlds, however an error was made and Urgo was given life. When SG-1 realised what had happened and to get the devices removed, Togar did so, and placed Urgo into himself, as not to destroy Urgo.

[edit] Key Episodes

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