Played By: Dom DeLuise
Race: P4X-884 Inhabitants
Planets: Urgo's Planet (P4X-884)

A life form that wasn't meant to be, he was created by a reclusive scientist Togar as a means to gather and collect data. However, four of the nodes of the technology malfunctioned, making him aware of himself, and in turn a sentient life form.

Having place the technology into the minds of SG1, Togar hoped that they would not realise a thing, however soon after SG1 returned to Earth they started to exhibit strange behaviours and soon after, they started to hear strange things and were confined. Being bored, Urgo showed himself to the team

Capable of heightening the senses, Urgo caused the SG1 members to enjoy food more as well as making fragrances more enjoyable. Unable to directly influence the members, to make them do things, Urgo was able to "suggest" the team to do things, often pushing them so that he could learn new things.

Urgo realising that they wanted him to be taken out of their heads, showed signs of fear, self-awareness, enough for SG1 to realise that he was a sentient being. When Urgo realised that they wanted to return to the planet, Urgo tried his best to keep them from there, however wanting him out, they went to the planet.

Togar, who was the splitting image of Urgo was furious to find that Urgo had malfunctioned and appeared to them. After being convinced by SG1 he agreed to coexist with Urgo, and to learn from him.

[edit] Key Episodes

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