Unas (I)

Unas (I)
Unas u vs.jpg
Played By: James Earl Jones
Race: Unas
Planets: Cimmeria (P3X-974)

The Unas blocks the way out of the Labrynth an feeds on those that enter the Labryth. At other times it sleeps waiting for its next prey. When Teal'c and Jack come down, it asks Teal'c to join it and feed on Jack, however he rejects the offer and they shoot the Unas.

The Goa'uld within the Unas brings it back to life, and it once again sets out to stop the duo. However, it finds them at the exit, and Teal'c uses Thor's hammer to defeat the Unas once and for all.

Voiced By: James Earl Jones

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