Played By: Christian Bocher
Race: Olesian
Planets: Olesia

A prisoner on Olesia, Torrell spread fear among the others there, pronouncing himself as the leader to the people. Torrell used the intelligence of the prisoners, in particular of Eldon, to create primitive weapons with which they could fight.

When the Puddle Jumper tried to retreat through the gate Torrell ordered them to shoot it down using the weapons. Succeeding, he quickly took Sheppard's team hostage, and ordered Rodney McKay and Eldon to fix the Puddle Jumper so that they could leave the prison. Torrell quickly learnt to use the Tau'ri weapons and radios, using it to over hear their plan and ambush them as they made their way to the gate.

However, when the Wraith arrived, Torrell was forced to make a deal with Sheppard, and escaped to a planet where he, and the other prisoners would be free.

[edit] Key Episodes

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