Tomin (II)

Tomin (II)
Played By: Tim Guinee
Race: Ver Isca Inhabitants
Planets: Ver Isca

Crippled from childhood, Tomin had been looked down upon by the citizens of Var Iscan, however he managed to maintain a normal life to the best of his abilities. One day he found the unconscious Vala Mal Doran inside some transport rings. Believing her to be sent by the Orii, he took her home and helped her regain consciousness.

Whilst staying with Tomin, Vala soon discovered that she had become impregnated, even though it had not been conceived naturally, fearing she would face certain death, she married Tomin and made him believe that the child was his. Soon after a Prior visited the village curing him of his limp, giving him the ability to become a warrior so that he could fight the non-believers in the Milky Way.

He was forced to go about his daily duties when Vala was thought to have conspired with anti-Orii sympathisers. Shackled to the Ara for three days, Tomin gave in to his feelings and freed

Once again a Prior visited Tomin, however this time he told him that the child was not his, the limp that he had, made it impossible for him to father a child. He left telling him that the child is the will of the Orii. The prior visited him a third time, this time on the day that the war ships were finished and ready for battle, to tell him about a group conspiring against the Orii.

He obeyed the Prior and return to the village to find Vala along with Seevis and Denya using a forbidden device, killing Seevis and Denya he turned his weapon to Vala, however Vala managed to convince him that she was there against her will. Managing to regain his trust, Tomin took Vala with him on his journey through a super gate to the Milky Way to fight the non-believers.

Successfully defeating all that the Tau'ri, Asgard, Lucian Alliance and the Jaffa could pull together, Tomin was pleased when Vala gave birth to a girl who started to age rapidly. Tomin learnt that the child was indeed the will of the Ori, and she would lead them to victory, however in the process he lost Vala when he realised that she too was a non-believer.

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