Tomin (I)

Tomin (I)
Tomin i.jpg
Played By: Lachlan Murdoch
Race: Orbanians
Planets: Orban

Before his birth Tomin was chosen to play a big part for his people, he would become an Urrone for his people. Given millions of nanites after birth, Tomin was brought up with the knowledge of the planet, and been given the task to learn as much as he could in the time that he could, so that he could distribute the information to his fellow Orbanians.

With the arrival of the Tau'ri on their planet, Tomin was instructed to gather all the information that he could from Teal'c pertaining to the Goa'uld. Spending extensive time with Teal'c, he soon gained enough information about the Goa'uld and what he knew to protect his people, he asked his father Kalan, that the Averium would be started early so he could spread his knowledge to the others on his planets.

Going through the Averium reduced Tomin to a blank slate, with no memories or knowledge of any kind. Upon learning this, Teal'c and Dr. Jackson became concerned, however, thanks to the knowledge gained by the population by the Urrone Merrin, Tomin and the other Urrone began to be taught using a schooling system rather than using nano-technology.

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