Race Information
Planet(s): Tollan (P3X-7763)
Tollana (P3X-4474)

The Tollans are a peaceful and technologically advanced race, who once gave technology to a less advanced race. When they used the technology to destroy themselves, the Tollan changed their stance on giving technology to other races. Due to this, although they are allies of Earth, they do not share the technology with them. The Tollan are advanced enough to create a stargate of their own, and live in a crime free society. However, the Goa'uld know of their strength, and when Anubis returned, he created a ship which could survive the Tollan weapons. When their weapons did not destroy the ship, the Tollan surrendered to the Goa'uld and sold Earth out to save themselves. However, SG1 realised something was going on, and uncovered the truth. However, the Goa'uld instead took revenge on the Tau'ri by destroying the Tollans.

[edit] Key Episodes

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