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Race Information
Planet(s): Alpha Site - Old 1 (P3X-984)
Alpha Site - Old 2 (P4X-650)
Khonsu's Planet
Tok'ra Base 1 (P34-353J)

The Tok'ra are rivals of the Goa'uld. They believe that what the Goa'uld do, is completely wrong, and they believe that a Symbiote should only take a willing host. Due to their beliefs, the Tok'ra are a dying race, as they do not take unwilling hosts unless absolutely necessary, and they also do not use the Sarcophagus, thus shortening their lives. Tok'ra stands for "Against Ra" (i.e. Tok Ra) and they fight against the Goa'uld by infiltrating them and fighting them from within. The Goa'uld Queen Eugeria was the first to see the way, and she then passed the Genetic memory to her children, who have fought in her name, believing she was killed by Ra. However, Eugeria was in fact imprisoned on the Planet Pangar. When she was discovered by SG1, she was nearing death, and the Tok'ra were unable to save her, however she was able to tell them that she was proud of that they were fighting in her name. Throughout the Years, the Tok'ra have become distrustful of the Tau'ri and Jaffa, and tend to keep things from them. This has led to many serious situations. Currently the Jaffa nation and the Tok'ra high council, both do not believe that the Tau'ri can be of much help to them, and there is still much distrust between the two races.

[edit] Key Episodes

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