Played By: Dom DeLuise
Race: P4X-884 Inhabitants
Planets: Urgo's Planet (P4X-884)

A scientist in on an advanced planet, Togar was afraid to leave his home and so created "Urgo" a machine which he hoped would allow him to learn more about the outside world. When SG1 came to the planet he managed to insert "Urgo" into their heads, and then erased their memories of their visit, sending them back to Earth.

He was surprised when SG1 returned to the planet demanding that he remove Urgo from their minds. He realised that Urgo had malfunctioned, and at first wished to destroy him, however SG1 who believed he had now become sentient didn't want him to be killed. Togar realised that Urgo was everything he wanted to be, and agreed to transfer him from SG1 into himself, keeping him alive.

Before he sent SG1 back through the Stargate, he once again erased their memories.

[edit] Key Episodes

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