Played By: Voiced By
Race: Asgard
Planets: Halla

Thor takes the persona of the Norse god of thunder. Thor is the Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet, and the first Asgard to make contact with SG1. When Cimmeria had become over-run with Heru'urs' forces, Daniel Jackson managed to contact Thor who came to the planet and helped save the Cimmerians.

Like the rest of the Asgard, Thor is a clone, unable to reproduce sexually, and when Thor's body is damaged, his brain is downloaded into a new body. This has allowed him and his people to live on for generations.

Although Thor's home is in the Galaxy of Ida, with his intergalactic ships allow him to travel between the Milky Way and Ida in a matter of hours, allowing him to come to the Aid of Earth when necessary.

Thor has been the main link between the Asgard and the Tau'ri, and each have helped the other many times. Thor has come to Earth many times to ask for the help of SG1 to help battle the Replicators.

Thor came to Earth when the Asgard realised that the System Lords had started to see Earth and the Tau'ri as a serious threat, and so negotiations were held on Earth in hopes that Earth would be added to the Asgard Protected Planets Treaty with the Goa'uld.

When Anubis returned to the Galaxy, he rapidly gained power, and sent a ship controlled by Osiris, to a protected planet to find a hidden Asgard research facility. Thor was dispatched with the only ship available, however, he was overcome by Osiris's force and was captured.

Although his body was saved, his mind had been downloaded onto Anubis's ship which took the ship to Earth, where SG1 managed to remove the consciousness, and thus save Thor once again.

Soon enough, Thor asked for SG1's help again to battle the replicators when they overtook the Asgard Homeworld. In return, Thor gave the Prometheus Asgard Shields and Hyperdrive technology, as well as swaying the decision of the other Governments of Earth to keep the Stargate in the hands of the US Air Force.

Since then Thor has helped Jack by removing the knowledge of the Ancients from Jack's brain once again, and he has been helped by being given a weapon with which the Replicators were finally defeated.

[edit] Holographic Version

Thor (Holographic)
Thor holographic.jpg
Played By: Mark Gibbon
Race: Asgard
Planets: Cimmeria (P3X-974)

A holographic representation of Thor, to shield the planets population from the true form of the Asgard, they used a "human" representation. One of these were put underground, at the entrance to the labrynth containing Thors Hammer, to tell all those that enter their fate.

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