The Residents

The Residents
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Race Information
Planet(s): P7J-989

Also known as the residents of P7J-989, this race has been alive for thousands of years, sustained by a machine created and maintained by the Gamekeeper. After the planet became uninhabitable due to human error, the gameskeeper created an environment where they could live forever, re-living past experiences from each of the residents lives. However after thousands of years, the residents ran out of what they could think of, and the planet healed itself, however the GameKeeper, realising that if they found out, they would only destroy it again, didn't tell them. When SG1 came, they took the opportunity to learn some new experiences, however SG1 wanted no part in it, and were able to tell the Residents the truth, that the planet had healed itself, and that they could go out and gain new experiences for themselves.

[edit] Key Episodes

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