The O'Neill

The O'Neill
The oneill.jpg
Ship Information
Type: Asgard Mothership
Race(s): Asgard

The most advanced Space vessel built by the Asgard. It was the first vessel built soley for the battle against the replicators. Named after Jack O'Neill, one of Thor's favourite humans.

The ship has advanced weapons and defences, which easily surpasses that of any other Asgard ship. The hull is made of a new allow built using Naquadah, Trinium and Carbon.

The ship did not last long, and was destroyed before the vessel was fully completed. Sam Carter thought it would be the best way to stop the Replicators from infesting Thor's home planet, and so they sent it into hyperspace where the Replicators followed it. Carefully they initiated a self-destruct which destroyed the ship along with three replicator controlled ships.

[edit] Key Episodes

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