Played By: Paul Koslo
Race: Goa'uld

A Goa'uld under the service of Heru'ur, Terok was a torture master. When the Jaffa Rak'nor managed to capture Teal'c, he was taken to Terok who was assigned to crush his spirit as well as the Jaffa rebellion, whilst recording the process using a Goa'uld recording device.

However, when Teal'c stood his ground, Terok became enraged breaking the device, and promising to kill Teal'c at least once before he had to hand him over to Apophis. Unfortunately for him, Rak'nor had a change of heart, and decided to join the Jaffa resistance. Rak'nor turned on Terok, and was sent to Apophis in the place of Teal'c.

[edit] Key Episodes

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