Played By: Peter Wingfield
Race: Goa'uld
Planets: Vorash

Drey'auc, a Jaffa priestess believed she had been able to communicate with her symbiote and teach it right from wrong. She with the help of Teal'c contacted the Tok'ra who gave her symbiote a new host, and Drey'auc a new symbiote. Unknown to her and Teal'c was that the symbiote, Tanith had in fact deceived them. When he got the chance, Tanith killed Drey'auc in the most torturous way to punish her for betraying the Goa'uld.

Teal'c soon realised what Tanith had done when he tried to communicate with his symbiote, however before he could exact revenge on him, he was stopped by the Tok'ra who revealed that they knew all along and they intend to use Tanith to feed false information to the Goa'ulds.

Tanith eventually did just that when he told Apophis the location of the Tok'ra base, to find that it was a trap. The systems Sun went supernova taking with it the majority of Apophis's forces. Managing to servive, Tanith went into the service of Anubis who had quickly risen in power.

Using advanced technology from Anubis, Tanith forced the Tollans into developing a weapon which could be sent through the Stargate to Tau'ri without having to worry about the Iris or the treaty they have with Earth. When the SGC got suspicious they uncovered the plot, and Tanith was forced to destroy the Tollans instead.

Serving Anubis, he once again came face to face with SG1, unfortunately for Tanith, Teal'c was able to get his revenge by killing Tanith.

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