Tanis Renard

Tanis Renard
Tanis renard.jpg
Played By: Sarah Deakins
Race: Hebridians
Planets: Hebridan

A criminal being transported in cryogenic suspension on-board the Hebridian ship Serberus, when the ship crashed on to an unknown planet, the prison guards were forced to revive the prisoners. When the guards had gone in search for food, the Tanis Renard and the other prisoners took the opportunity to overtake the ship, killing all those on-board.

Keeping control of the ship for over 3 years, the prisoners were given the hope that they were looking for when SG1 discovered them. Posing as the real owners of the ship, Tanis Renard, took the place as the First officer and managed to convince SG1 that the Serrakins were aliens that have constantly attacked them since they crashed on the planet.

During an encounter with the Serrakins, Renard was injured and returned with Jonas Quinn to the SGC to be treated. Once in the SGC, Renard spun tales of how her parents died when she was young, and how she has served Corso since she graduated from flight school 10 year previously.

However, soon Jonas and Hammond became suspicious of Renard and set a trap for her. Showing her countless riches, from planets, Jonas fed her inner criminal. When they returned to the planet, Renard told the others about the planet, and they followed her through the gate to come to Earth where they are apprehended.

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