Race Information
Planet(s): Ardena
Ship(s): Stromos

The Talthuns were an advanced race who lived on Thalthus, until a dark star caused a massive solar flare which destroyed their home planet. Before the destruction three ships were made to be launched to go to the Planet Ardena where they would continue life. However, there wasn't enough space for the population of Talthus, and so a Lottery was made, and the winners were allowed to leave the planet, on the ships, in suspended animation. However, before one of the ships could reach Ardena, one of the three ships crash landed on a planet. Power started to fail, and the cheif engineer on the ship was forced to add the consciousness of the Talthuns to his own, to try and save as many of them as he could. However with more and more failing, he could not save them, until SG1 came, he saw them as the perfect vessel, and so they added the consciousness of 11 of the Talthuns into his mind. When the SGC learns of what had transpired, they found him and got him to remove the consciousness, killing them, but in doing so he saved the others as the SGC provided him with power to keep the other pods from failing. Wether the other two ships reached Ardena is unknown.

[edit] Key Episodes

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