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[edit] Alternative Design

# Title Director(s) Writer(s) Airdate
101 Children of the Gods Jonathan Glassner
Brad Wright
Mario Azzopardi July 27, 1997
Colonel Jack O'Neill retired from the military a year ago after leading an expedition through the Stargate, an ancient portal which allows instantaneous travel to other galaxies. After an attack on the Cheyenne Mountain base through the Stargate, Jack is called back to duty to explain how it could have happened if they had destroyed the gate on Abydos, the world he visited through the Stargate, on his original mission. Jack confesses to not destroying the gate, and in fact, leaving Dr Daniel Jackson alive and well on Abydos with a new wife.
EP 101.jpg
102 The Enemy Within Brad Wright Dennis Berry August 1, 1997
EP 102.jpg

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