Played By: James Kidnie
Race: Avidans
Planets: Tegalus

Soren was a Martyr for his people, the Avidans. He believed that the Goa'uld are the one true gods, and that they would one day return and reward the believers, and punish the non-believers. When the Stargate was activated, and SG-1 came through Soren believed this to be a sign, and whilst the other two races on the planet went to red-alert, he took advantage of the situation and seized the Stargate.

However, it wasn't soon before Daniel Jackson, the rest of SG1 and the Rands managed to make a plan to re-capture the Stargate. Soren tried to put up a fight, however, it wasn't soon before the rest of the Avidans gave up, causing Soren to furiously take on the Rands and the SG teams by himself.

He was quickly killed by a Rand, becoming a Martyr to his cause.

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