Played By: Ian Tracey
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Part of the Rogue NID, Smith posed as part of the IWN's Inside Access camera crew along in an attempt to capture the Prometheus when their previous plan to use the Stevenston ship was foiled by SG1.

Heading the operation, Smith boarded the Prometheus with the camera crew, and along with a few associates hijacked the ship. When Jonas tried to stop him, Smith shot Al Martell, the producer of the network, to iterate his point and forcing Jonas to hand to help them. With the ship under their control, he demanding that Adrian Conrad and Frank Simmons be brought to them or he would blow the hyperdrive engine which would kill thousands of people.

Once the two were brought on board, he handed control of the ship to Simmons who engaged the sublight engines taking it into space. Whilst trying to capture Samantha Carter Smith was caught by the rest of SG1 taking him into custody.

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