Simon Wells

Simon Wells
Simon wells.jpg
Played By: Julius Chapple
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Senior Airmen in the United States Air Force, and part of SG13 under the command of Dave Dixon. On a standard mission through the gate to P3X-666, SG13 found the site of an ancient ruins. Whilst Wells and Bosworth were on patrol, he were shot in the back by a Jaffa, and soon they were under enemy fire. Many SG teams came to their support, along with Janet Fraiser who tried to tend to his injuries.

Fearing death, Wells asked Daniel Jackson that he record his final farewell to his wife, Marci, and unborn child, however with intense pain, he was unable to finish the message. Dr. Fraiser tended to his wounds, stemming the bleeding, before she, too was shot in the chest by a staff weapon and killed. SG13 managed to get back to the SGC, with Wells being bed-ridden for two weeks.

When his child was born, he was surprised to find that it was a girl. In honour of Janet Fraiser, who had so heroically saved her life, they named her Janet.

[edit] Key Episodes

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