Played By: David McNally
Race: Christians
Planets: P9X-3971

Brother to Mary, when his sister fell ill and was locked to the centre for the demon to take her, he was forced watch, however when SG1 came, he was quick to free his sister and take her with him believing SG1 worked for the devil Sokar. Attempting to free her of what he believed was possession, he tried to drill a hole into her head, but was quickly stopped by SG1.

Befriending SG1 he became disgraced in the eyes of his people. They were caught by the village leader Canon and chained to be taken by an Unas in the service of Sokar. Following them, Simon brought Teal'c his staff weapon, and used it to shoot the Unas killing him. However the symbiote within the Unas went into Canon. Fortunately SG1 realised and killed them.

[edit] Key Episodes

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