Shen Xiaoyi

Shen Xiaoyi
Played By: Tamlyn Tomita
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A Chinese representative in the International Oversight Advisory, graduating from Beijing Foreign Studies University, and LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science), she was also officially assigned to the Chinese Mission in the US.

Familiar with Daniel Jacksons's history, she was interested and intrigued by him. When the IOA along with Richard Woolsey went to do a thorough inspection of Earth's Gamma Site, Shen was displeased with the job done by the USAF, and expressed her concerns, and beliefs that the Chinese government could do a better job at managing a Stargate Program. She was pleased, when Daniel reassured her that if the Stargate Program was shifted to China, he would accept an invitation to participate in the program and continue his work.

During the inspection of the Gamma Site, R75 insects broke containment, and Xiaoyi along with the other IOA representatives were evacuated by SG1. Hiding in caves, they were cut of from the main base which was destroyed by the Self-destruct. Although in fear, she along with the rest of the IOA and SG1 headed for the reasearch station where they hoped to contact the Odyssey, however in the process she sprained her ankle.

Finally reaching the research station, they were soon rescued by the Odyssey and taken back to Earth were she took a leave of absence, returning to the SGC along with Colonel Chekov to tell the SGC that the Russians plan to retake their stargate.

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