Played By: Michasa Armstrong
Race: Jaffa
Planets: Chulak

Formally trained by Teal'c whilst he was still First Prime of Apophis, Shak'l hoped that the death of his old mentor would ensure his place as the new First Prime of Apophis. Whilst protecting Apophis on a mission to the Nox Planet, Shak'l got his chance when they were confronted with SG1. Shot and injured he was quickly taken down, awaking to find himself bound in a Nox hut.

Teal'c tried to tell Shak'l that the Goa'ulds being false gods, however his words fell on death ears. Managing to free himself, he quickly went to Apophis and told him about the Nox. Fortunately SG1 were able to stop them from capturing the Nox, who then sent them on their way.

During a host gathering trip through the gate to Cartego, Shak'l found Teal'c among the Byrsa, but before he could execute the traitor, Teal'c stabbed him in the stomach killing him.

[edit] Key Episodes

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