Sergei Evanov

Sergei Evanov
Sergei evanov.jpg
Played By: Raoul Ganeev
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A member of the Russian team posted at the SGC, Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Evanov led a team through the gate to P3X-367 where he discovered a race of humans being experimented on by Nirrti. He soon found Alebran, who Nirrti had let return to his village to find everyone had been killed. Evanov and his team hoping to help, brought him back to Earth, where moments later he died when his DNA mutated.

By request of Evanov, his team along side SG1 were sent back to the planet in attempts to stop Nirrti, however SG1 and the russian team were eventually captured by Nirrti's men. Nirrti took Evanov to an ancient gene manipulation machine, which caused his DNA to lead to an eventual breakdown, killing him.

[edit] Key Episodes

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