Ship Information
Race(s): Hebridians

The Seberus is equipped with a sonic weapon which causes the enemy to be stunned using its deafening sound. It also has a liquid nitrogen propulsion system.

The Seberus was originally used by the Serrakins and Hebridans as a prison transport vessel, however after an accident the ship crashed into a barren planet, and only a few of the crew survived along with 3 of the prisoners. After a battle for control of the ship, the Serrakin crew managed to re-capture the prisoners with the help of SG-1, who also gave them a Naquadah reactor which allowed them to return home.

After returning to Hebridan, the Seberus was refitted to be able to take part in the annual Hebridan space race, the Loop of Kon Garat. Due to her technical knowledge, the Pilot, Captain Warrick, requested Samantha Carter to be his co-pilot, and used a Naquadah reactor to give it more power. The ship was however, unsuccessful in completing the race, after being sabotaged by an opposing participant.

[edit] Key Episodes

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