Played By: Michael Ironside
Race: Ver Isca Inhabitants
Planets: Ver Isca

Administrator of Var Isca and Bar Keep, Seevis was thought to be a highly religious man who had been known to deal severe punishments to anyone that was straying from Origin. The most well known punishment was to put them in the Ara in the centre of the village, where without food and water they would soon die. As well as a devout follower of Origin, Seevis also appeared to protect the interest of the village harlot Denya.

In reality, Seevis was the opposite of what he appeared to be. In-fact, he was the leader of the Anti-Orii underground. Posing as a devout follower stopped suspicion falling onto himself, and placing them in the Ara showed the trustworthiness of those that too didn't believe in Origin.

Meeting Vala, he got suspicious as to her intentions, he tested her intentions by placing her in the Ara for three days. Proved worthy, he soon revealed to her his truth and his plans to sabotage the Orii warships which are being built.

Unfortunately, the plan fails and whilst he allows Vala to connect to the Tau'ri a prior gives news of his truth to the devout follower Tomin who finds Seevis along with Denya and Vala. Enraged he kills both Denya and Seevis and comes close to killing Vala.

[edit] Key Episodes

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