Played By: Grace Park
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Part of the Stargate Training Program, Satterfield along with cadets Elliot, Grogan and Hailey participated in training simulations. During the simulations, Satterfield had a tendency to get sidetracked, especially in situations involving Daniel Jackson, to whom she had a crush on, and was constantly teased about by her team mates.

During one of the simulations, the Cadets were taken by SG1 to face what they believed to be real-life Foothold situation at the SGC. Along with the other Cadets, Satterfield managed to retake the SGC, and learnt that it was actually a test which they passed.

Following the success, Satterfield was put on stand-by and would be put on a team when a space opens up.

[edit] Key Episodes

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