Sarah Gardner

Sarah Gardner
Sarah gardner.jpg
Played By: Anna-Louise Plowman
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A former associate of Daniel Jackson, Sarah Gardner worked as research assistant to Daniel Jackson, and the two quickly fell in love. However, Daniel let his work come before her, and after he forget their two month anniversary, Sarah left him.

They eventually lost touch when Daniel went to Abydos, however when their old mentor was killed, the two met once again at the funeral. Unfortunately, when Sarah came across a Canopic Jar she opened to find inside a symbiote, which quickly took her host.

Controlled by Osiris, Sarah was forced to serve Anubis as well as hurt Daniel and his friends. Eventually, Osiris was caught by SG1 who with the help of the Tok'ra managed to free Sarah, giving her part of her life back.

[edit] Key Episodes

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