Played By: Michael Tiernan
Race: Jaffa

A Jaffa loyal to the Goa'uld Heru'ur, Ryn'tak came to Cimmeria in order to claim it for his lord, who was to arrive after. However, encountering resistance from the Cimmerians and consequently SG1, Ryn'tak managed to escape before the Asgard came to the planet, punishing the Goa'uld for trespassing on a Protected Planet.

Rejoining with Heru'ur, Ryn'tak travelled on the Ha'tak to Abydos in search of Apophis's queen, and with her, the Harsesis child. After questioning many of the Abydonians, he learnt that she was indeed hiding in the city, but thanks to Teal'c and Daniel Jackson, they were unable to capture them.

[edit] Key Episodes

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