Ryan (II)

Ryan (II)
Played By: Adrian Holmes
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

An officer at Colorado Springs, and regular at Sol's Diner, the detective was quick to ask Sal if there was any problem between him and Vala, who at that time had amnesia, and no money to pay for her bills.

In need of money Vala took the job at the diner, and also befriended Ryan. However, when Vala stopped the diner from being robbed using martial arts skills, Ryan was forced to take her to the precinct to take her statement. However, she was uncooperative regarding questions about her, and attempted to escape. By the time she started to tell them the truth, he had stopped believing her. To get the truth, Ryan put out an APB for "Val", which was then picked up by the Goa'uld controlled Trust as well as the SGC. She was subsequently picked up by Trust members, and Ryan believing them to be members of the USAF, allowed them to take Vala. However, he was soon corrected when SG1 came to collect Vala only to learn that she had been taken moments before.

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