Played By: Marc Worden
Race: Jaffa

Formally under the service of Apophis, he soon moved into the services of Anubis after his former god was slain. Under the orders of Anubis, Ronan pretended to be a member of the resistance and offered Bra'tac a ship that they had been looking for, under the condition that he would accompany them where ever they went.

Having known Ronan's father, Bra'tac agreed and they along with SG1 went to Proclarush Taonas. Whilst SG1 ringed onto the surface, Ronan showed his true allegiance to Anubis and stabbed Bra'tac in the stomach believing it would kill him slowly, unknowing that he no-longer carried a symbiote. A fight ensued and Bra'tac managed to gain an upper hand, and killed Ronan.

[edit] Key Episodes

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