Played By: Matthew Walker
Race: Madronans
Planets: Madrona (PX7-941)

Albeit blind, Roham was a leader among the Madronans with thanks to his niece Princess La Moor.

Roham at first welcomed the Tau'ri to his planet. Unfortunately when NID agents posing as members of the SGC came to the planet, Roham welcomed them, only to have the Touchstone device stolen from the planet. When SG1 came to the planet in hopes of learning about the device, Roham had them captured, believing that they had the device.

SG1 managed to convince Roham of their innocence and promised to help find the culprits behind this and bring back the device. With this they went back to Earth in search of hte device. Fortunately they returned having retrieved the device, and returned the device to Roham who used it to stabilise the failing ecology of the planet.

[edit] Key Episodes

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