Rogelio Duran

Rogelio Duran
Rogelio duran.jpg
Played By: Zak Santiago
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A tour guide in Honduras, during the day Rogelio Duran works as a waiter in a café 20 miles outside Tegucigalpa in Honduras. When he ran into Daniel Jackson and Dr Lee, who wanted to travel to a temple, he insisted that there was no temple where they wanted they go, and that they go to the south where there are many temples along with roads to take them there.

However, insisting that they go north, Rogelio accepted the job, along with taking money for the fuel that would require to take them as close to the temple as they can. Using his brothers truck, they travelled as far as they could, walking rest of the way to the location Daniel wanted to go to.

They soon found the temple, and being paid by the hour, Rogelio didn't mind having to wait for their return. When they did return however, he along with Daniel and Dr. Lee were taken captive by anti-honduran government activists. When he saw an opportunity he ran for it, however Rogelio was shot before he could get far. Staying in the same place for a couple of days until Jack came along with Burke who gave him some much loved American Gum, and reassuring him that someone will be along soon.

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