Replicator Samantha Carter

Replicator Samantha Carter
Replicator samantha carter.jpg
Played By: Amanda Tapping
Race: Replicators

Created by Fifth to take the place of the real Samantha Carter, whom he had fell in love with, he hoped that together with this Samantha Carter he could destroy the real one whom had caused him pain. He gave the replicator carter all the memories and feelings of the real one, and taught her to kill the SGC personnel.

In an attempt to find a way to protect himself and his fellow replicators from the Ancient Replicator Disruptor, he sent the Replicator Carter to meet with the SGC and to find a cypher which would give them immunity to the weapon.

The Replicator Carter contacted the SGC and arranged a meeting, telling them that she had been created by Fifth and tortured by him into doing as he wished. She told them that he had discovered a way to protect himself and his fellow replicators against the weapon, however he had not given her the knowledge to protect herself. The real Carter believed her after she showed her memories of Fifth forcing the Replicator Carter to kill members of SGC, those whom she cared most about. She offered them a way to find a counter-measure to the cypher which would allow them to destroy Fifth once and for all.

Unknown to SG1 was that she was in constant communication to Fifth who was making his way to the Alpha site where the Replicator Carter had access to the disrupter and was attempting to create a cypher which would make her immune to the disrupter. She eventually created the cypher, and told the real Carter that she had found the cypher needed to destroy fifth. They started uploading the cypher onto an Asgard weapon orbiting the planet which would destroy Fifth's ship which was on its way. However, before the cypher could be uploaded, Replicator Carter fired the weapon destroying Fifth and his fellow replicators. In an attempt to stop her, Teal'c fired the disrupter, however she had become immune to the disrupter. Replicator Carter overpowered those on the base and escaped through the Stargate.

With the replicators immune to the disrupter, Replicator Carter led her fellow brethren to conquer this part of the Galaxy. She increased the size of her armies to the extent that the Asgard could no longer defeat them, and led them to the Milky way. She started by destroying the System Lords and declaring war on the Goa'uld.

Slowly she destroyed the Goa'uld, Tok'ra and Asgard fleets, causing big problems for Baal and Anubis. In an attempt to destroy her SG1 modified the disrupter and were successful in destroying the replicators in one ship, however when they used it against another, they learnt that they had adapted and whilst trying to escape, Replicator Carter had Daniel beamed of the ship.

She posed as Oma Desala and attempted to find a way to secure her hold on the Milky Way and eventually found that a weapon was on Dakara which could destroy her. She sent her forces to the planet, just as Teal'c led the Jaffa rebellion to the planet to take Dakara. Teal'c and the Jaffa rebellion managed to capture Dakara and with the help of Jacob and Sam, managed to find the Weapon. They started reprogramming the weapon, however with the replicators on their way, time was running short. SG1 enlisted the help of Baal to help, and used his knowledge to reprogramme the gate to dial all the gates simultaneously so that the weapon could destroy all the replicators.

In the meantime, Replicator Carter looked deep into Daniels mind and took the knowledge of the Ancients. However Daniel managed to use his knowledge to control the replicators giving Jacob enough time to reprogramme the device to destroy the replicators. In an attempt to stop Daniel from controlling the replicators, Replicator Carter stabs him, however Sam and Jacob activate the device destroying all the Replicators in the Milky Way along with Replicator Carter once and for all.

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