Played By: Danielle Nicolet
Race: Replicators
Planets: Menace Planet

Created by an unascended Ancient, Reese was created to believe that her creator was her father. The inhabitants of the planet knew that she was different to them and so feared her. With no one else to talk to, she created toy's to play with, and taught them to replicate, to create more of themselves and protect one another and her if they needed to.

The inhabitants out of fear for what Reese was and for what she had created, tried to get her creator to shut her down, however the Replicators started to protect her, by killing all the inhabitants on her planet, as well as her 'father'. Having lost control of the Replicators Reese shut herself down. The replicators used the technology of the planet to leave the planet to spread through the planet and to replicate.

She was eventually discovered by SG1 on the planet where she had laid for many years. When they reactivated her, she appeared to have no knowledge of what had happened, and that she was an android. After several questioning sessions between Reese and Daniel Jackson, she longed to go outside the walls of her cell, however when he refused to allow her out, she out of anger threw him against a book shelf.

Regretting what she had done, she called to apologise to him, claiming that he forced her to defend herself. As a sorry present, Reese gave Daniel a present - a replicator. Although it was quickly isolated, unknown to the others, Reese had created more than one replicators. When Reese was angered whilst being interrogated, the Replicators became active and attempted to break the isolation and was consequently shot by Teal'c.

Believing that she was now a prisoner of the SGC her replicator toys started to replicate and attack the base. Taking control of the Gate room she demanded that the Stargate be turned on so that she and her fellow replicators could leave. At first Jackson attempted to communicate with her and to tell her that what the replicators are doing is wrong, however when Jack believed the talks to be leading nowhere, he was forced to shoot Reese killing her and stopping the Replicator threat at the base.

The body was then given to the Asgard who used her body to set a trap for the replicators hoping to stop them once and for all.

[edit] Key Episodes

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