Played By: Frank Roman
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

An anti-Honduran activist, Raphael followed Daniel Jackson and Bill Lee when they came to Honduras in search of an Ancient device. After Jackson and Dr. Lee emerged from a hidden temple, Raphael and his men captured them along with their guide Rogelio Duran, however when the guide tried to escape, Raphael ordered him shot.

Holding them for ransom, Raphael tortured them for details as to whom they work for and what the device they found was for. Unfortunately Dr. Lee was unable to stand the torture and gave in, telling Raphael about the purpose of the Tel'chak device.

Managing to turn the device on, Raphael started to become influenced by it's energy, becoming more vicious and unforgiving. When Chalo, one of his men begged that he turn the device off, he killed him in response.

When Chalo, the man that he had killed was rejuvenated by the device, Raphael and his men turned their attentions to him, giving Daniel Jackson and Bill Lee time to escape. When he discovered they were missing, he went after them, however before he could kill Daniel Jackson, he himself was killed by Jack O'Neill who had come to rescue his friends.

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